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I feel that I am a part of something


As readers of this blog will know I had a rather bad experience at a boarding school some years ago. It was a period of my life which had a lasting impact.

Years later I was asked to create a blog covering 1,000 places where teenagers wouldn’t like to stay.

It is not rated, so it is not so that number one is worst. However one of the first places which were listed was Diamond Ranch Academy. Now the blog has reached more than 290 posts. I still remember the day we published the post about this boarding school. Back then the boarding school was run in a ranch-like setting. For a couple of years ago they changed the program focusing more on sport. They still have a barn with horses but if you use Google maps you can see that the football station is that the market the boarding school.

Does it mean that they have removed the abusive components which were the reason for them to appear on the blog? No because as late as last year a boy died at the boarding school.

Here in year 2014 they have started suing everyone who speaks out against them. At one point they will try to hit me. I am stating that I have no fear having them trying to take me out. It is not that funny to be a Dane in a time where the government is competing against my firm by ordering people of welfare benefits to do the same type of work I invoices people for. It is not fun to be forced to rebuild your home as Fort Knox because a large number of people from the Eastern part of Europe wait every night to break in making my life resampling the movie “The Purge”.

So I don’t fear the lawyers and other thugs Diamond Ranch Academy might send to Denmark to harass me.

Please try to take a hit at me and you will feel the consequences.

I am proud that I am a part of this work.


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