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What if one your friends just disappeared


Friends of Ellie Parker from Corvallis in Oregon are concerned. What was meant to be a holiday, turned out to be an act of disappearance. No trace of her is to be found. She was last heard from when she drove into Arizona with her family. She would be “working” at some kind of ranch.

Is she in Arizona at all? Sometime teenagers from the west coast state are lured to Utah or Arizona and then handed over to muscle guys who takes the teenagers to a boot camp styled wilderness program or a boarding school designed as a prison. Some of the teenagers die while they are away. Many returns home with emotional scars they will have to deal with during their adult life.

Her family states that she is working at a ranch. It seems very secret. We are talking about a girl attending a normal high school. She is an active girl playing volleyball where she has been nominated in a photo essay covering this sport.

But we cannot look behind the wall of this home. We don’t know if she disagree about the food her parents are serving or she just want to go to another church than the one the rest of her family attend. Religion is serious. I have family stationed in Ireland so I know.

Sometime made it impossible for her family to house her, so where did they dump her? While I realize that this is real life and they of course have not killed her like in that Evergreen episode of the Twilight Zone too many teenagers die in boarding schools, boot camp and wilderness programs.

I support the concerns of her friends 100 percent and I would like if Oregon passed the same kind of legislation as Texas did earlier this year where parents cannot ship their teenager across state lines just because they want to.


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