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Background check is alway necessary when kids are involved


A man pretended to be cop and ran his own scared straight program. Some parents even supported him after he was exposed as a scam. What surprised me about this story is that two schools did not check up on him by calling local authorities and even did not report violence conducted in the school.

Background checks are always necessary. Kids got hurt because the schools failed to do their duty. In this case some school officials need to lose their jobs.

When all that said, the entire concept of scared straight is a failure. In Denmark the police try to find the places where the teenagers gather and see to that they get something to eat so they not only drink. It is important that teenagers socialize over beers. Not long ago two teenage girls redrew themselves from their peers and now they are missing down in Syria and a couple of parents risk seeing them dead. Another girl killed her mother and then there was the Kundby girl who tried to bomb schools. All this because the teenagers became isolated from their peer making them a target for more extreme movements over the Internet.

To ease the process of socializing the police needs to play the nice guys and that is why Scared Straight and similar concepts do not work.


I will never stop


It was one of the most traumatic periods of my life when I was sent to a boarding school. Today I am thankful that I escaped and was able to adapt a lifestyle which allowed me to work with my craftmanship instead of being unemployed. The ability to enjoy a beer among my co-workers is the key-essential element in my line of work that allow us to provide our customers with a good result.

Today I made a post on one of my other blogs where I together with a number of volunteers try to bring spotlight to places where children are treated badly.

My post regarding Bernstorffsminde Efterskole sounded:

May 2017 the boarding school detained a number of students for hours without access to cell phones and banned them from talking to each other due to suspicion of having gained access to tobacco and alcohol which unlike the laws in the general society are banned from using at the school.

The students were not allowed to call in legal representation which put them in a worse situation if they had been arrested by the Danish police. In Denmark even minors have right to legal representation regardless of the type of crime they are arrested for.

46 students were suspended and in the end 16 students were expelled. According to sources several students who had access to the illegal items were not hit at all by the investigation conducted by the school. It might have something to do with the fact that the school focuses on sport and they use former students who did good after their time at the school in marketing. The suspicion is that the investigation only targeted students who were less successful doing their type of sport.

Anyhow without access to legal representation in such cases being confined in isolation it is safe to state that it could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.

Sources (In danish only)

The Danish parliament wants more teenagers to drop out of high schools and start working with manual labor. Working in these lines of businesses which include jobs as painters, masons and carpenters the workers drink beers during the breaks contributing to a good work environment.

This life which I enjoy were almost taken from me. My responsibility is then to secure that others get the chance for a life like my just as our parliament wants. So I will continue to push for post number 1,000 in my other blog, saving the lives of teenagers just like mine were saved because I escaped in time.

Trial against employees from Saving Youth Foundation


The police has finished their investigation. Now it is up to the courts. Sad that they managed to remain open for so many years before the authorities caught up with them.

FOX10 News Investigates PART 1: Saving Youth Foundation

Sometime the concept of a TV-show is sick


On the Danish TV3 they broadcast Dr. Phil. I have written to the TV-station to stop this TV-show because I think that it exploits the problems teenagers on the show have.

I remember a girl who was sent to Aspen Education Group’s wilderness program in Loa, Utah. She ran away later and a friend of hers was killed. Then there is all the youth transporters who transport teens to various treatment program. It is ugly to watch. If I had a child who had problems I would talk with my child about treatment and transport the child myself. Never in my life I will entrust a stranger transporting my child anywhere.

Recently a girl named Layton was sent to a treatment center in California. They stated that she was bipolar. But she was clearly high on the medication they gave her on the show. Early this month the girl ran away from the center. I received an email telling me that she was hurt badly during her escape.

I also saw lawsuits involving Dr. phil on Courthouse News Service. It is awful.


I feel that I am a part of something


As readers of this blog will know I had a rather bad experience at a boarding school some years ago. It was a period of my life which had a lasting impact.

Years later I was asked to create a blog covering 1,000 places where teenagers wouldn’t like to stay.

It is not rated, so it is not so that number one is worst. However one of the first places which were listed was Diamond Ranch Academy. Now the blog has reached more than 290 posts. I still remember the day we published the post about this boarding school. Back then the boarding school was run in a ranch-like setting. For a couple of years ago they changed the program focusing more on sport. They still have a barn with horses but if you use Google maps you can see that the football station is that the market the boarding school.

Does it mean that they have removed the abusive components which were the reason for them to appear on the blog? No because as late as last year a boy died at the boarding school.

Here in year 2014 they have started suing everyone who speaks out against them. At one point they will try to hit me. I am stating that I have no fear having them trying to take me out. It is not that funny to be a Dane in a time where the government is competing against my firm by ordering people of welfare benefits to do the same type of work I invoices people for. It is not fun to be forced to rebuild your home as Fort Knox because a large number of people from the Eastern part of Europe wait every night to break in making my life resampling the movie “The Purge”.

So I don’t fear the lawyers and other thugs Diamond Ranch Academy might send to Denmark to harass me.

Please try to take a hit at me and you will feel the consequences.

I am proud that I am a part of this work.

Denmark as a welfare state is no more


I just saw the following press-release. I happen to agree:

Denmark as a welfare state is no more

The latest cuts in the Danish health care system have left Denmark on a path toward the status of a third world country.

Parents or young people thinking about being parents should look closely at their health care journal before they decide to seek treatment for mental illnesses. A number of mental illnesses – among them the widespread cases of depression – have recently being judged as contagious and a heavily financial burden would be sight for families where the social services judged that depression or just symptoms of depression can be seen in such a degree at the children that they will need residential treatment.

The Danish health care system has for some years lacked capacity to heal mental patients in in-patient environments at the hospitals. It has for almost a decade been a question of stabilizing the patients so they pose no suicide risk only to have them released for later out-patient treatment regardless of their work, family or residential situation when they are released. Out-patient treatment can be delayed due to lack of capacity for months even half years, which mean that the patients can risk a rise of symptoms resulting in numerous re-commitments to the mental hospitals, which again contribute to the lack of in-patient capacity.

If a child in Denmark starts suffering from signs of mental illness the social services always start a throughout investigation into the parents background. If they discover any treatment of mental illnesses during these background checks the conclusion often is stated to be an environmental infection of the child. Should the child need in-patient treatment in residential treatment homes financed by the social services, the parents will lose both the direct financial aid for families with children which all Danish families are granted and be invoiced an amount based on the income. Until the recent ruling by the appeal board known as no. 158-12 from 2012 stays in treatment homes for the purpose of treatment could be free of charge, but the ruling has increased the possibility of risking invoices from the social services.

Both for the child who will know that it was the stay which caused siblings losing their chances in life regarding education and career-choices and the parent who with the original diagnose put this burden on the family, the continued expenses do little to aid a cure. Danes pay more than haft their income in taxes. Only people suffering from psychical illnesses can expect treatment for free for their children regardless of the fact that the illness at the child may be based on inherited genes.

As a human rights organization fighting for the rights of children in residential treatment we are concerned about how children will grow up knowing that they by suffering from mental illnesses have exposed their families to ruin and bankruptcy. We urge the Danish politicians to reconsider the present laws, so that people suffering from mental and psychical illnesses are treated equally.

Don’t seek treatment for depression and other mental illnesses where they can find your records!!!

I am happy


I am happy that I am not in Prague this year. For us Danes it is a constitutional right to drink alcohol aged 16. In fact our parents serve alcohol for us when we are 15 as part of our cultural heritage.

What the police is doing down in Prague is child abuse. It is not a country to visit. They don’t deserve to be part of the European Union. Mogens Camre was right when he spoke in favor of reducing the voting right of these undemocratic countries.


Had this closure happened before a murder could have been avoided


Many years ago a mother found a fundamentalist boarding school in Florida for her daughter. The daughter had a boyfriend who was all over the girl. Most parents would have offered the daughter a vacation at the extended family just to cool the relationship down and the mother ex-husband was living in another state so it would have been a cheap and efficient solution.

Instead she fell for the marketing the school offered. The daughter told the boyfriend and the mother was killed. The daughter was sent to prison for many years because the public saw her as a kind of white trash despite the fact that she had family who wanted her to stay at their place. The family saw that the boyfriend was the major player in the tragedy. Unfortunately the court was kind of driven by the public opinion. The daughter was released last year.

Now the school has announced that they are closing. According to the management the parents no longer buy into their outdated approach to teenage problems.

I attend a high school here in Denmark where we have Friday bar on the school campus where we can enjoy a beer after school. When I learned of this school I first thought that it was a school from my great grandmother’s time. I was so surprised when I learned that it still was in operation. I do understand why the daughter from the tragedy abroad found jail nicer than this boarding school. However I find the death of the mother unnecessary and sadly caused by the existence of such schools. Such an option for a parent should not be allowed to exist. I am happy that they now close the school.


What if one your friends just disappeared


Friends of Ellie Parker from Corvallis in Oregon are concerned. What was meant to be a holiday, turned out to be an act of disappearance. No trace of her is to be found. She was last heard from when she drove into Arizona with her family. She would be “working” at some kind of ranch.

Is she in Arizona at all? Sometime teenagers from the west coast state are lured to Utah or Arizona and then handed over to muscle guys who takes the teenagers to a boot camp styled wilderness program or a boarding school designed as a prison. Some of the teenagers die while they are away. Many returns home with emotional scars they will have to deal with during their adult life.

Her family states that she is working at a ranch. It seems very secret. We are talking about a girl attending a normal high school. She is an active girl playing volleyball where she has been nominated in a photo essay covering this sport.

But we cannot look behind the wall of this home. We don’t know if she disagree about the food her parents are serving or she just want to go to another church than the one the rest of her family attend. Religion is serious. I have family stationed in Ireland so I know.

Sometime made it impossible for her family to house her, so where did they dump her? While I realize that this is real life and they of course have not killed her like in that Evergreen episode of the Twilight Zone too many teenagers die in boarding schools, boot camp and wilderness programs.

I support the concerns of her friends 100 percent and I would like if Oregon passed the same kind of legislation as Texas did earlier this year where parents cannot ship their teenager across state lines just because they want to.

A story which touched me a lot


Having been banished to a boarding school from hell which messed my life pretty much up for some time this story touched me a lot. I will quote the blog from another Dane in full.


I believe that there are one or more children at risk in Chantilly, Virginia

The child or children are siblings of 17 year old Sofia Petrova who was abandoned to die in Siberia. It sounds like a story from the purges of Stalin but it is a story about a mother and her new husband not wanting luggage from her previous relationships.

So they tricked the then 14 year old girl who only spoke English and attended Chantilly High School in the town of Chantilly in Virginia to Siberia where she was forced to live at an alcoholic father and later a children’s home when the conditions at her father’s home got worse.

Why have the Russian authorities not approached the CPS in Chantilly? They had expenses due to her stay at the children’s home!

Not only that: The tax-payers in Chantilly have paid for her schooling until the parents decided not to have her anymore. This investment has been wasted!

The hardworking tax-paying citizens should have demanded a repay of their money.

And due to the risk of other siblings ending up in trouble as the parents properly has used her banishment as a tool of fear to rule the home; the CPS should go in and save possible siblings.

I have not seen such a sad story for very long. Here in Denmark the CPS watch parents who use this method and parents have lost their children to the system. Parents are serving jail and they will continue to remain in jail until the child is back in Denmark. So parents have spent 10 years in jail and it is worth the price because just one child saved is better than 10 parents in jail.

The US teen literally sent to SIBERIA for her bad behavior begs to come home after her father ‘beat her’ (The Daily Mail)


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