Sometime the concept of a TV-show is sick

On the Danish TV3 they broadcast Dr. Phil. I have written to the TV-station to stop this TV-show because I think that it exploits the problems teenagers on the show have.

I remember a girl who was sent to Aspen Education Group’s wilderness program in Loa, Utah. She ran away later and a friend of hers was killed. Then there is all the youth transporters who transport teens to various treatment program. It is ugly to watch. If I had a child who had problems I would talk with my child about treatment and transport the child myself. Never in my life I will entrust a stranger transporting my child anywhere.

Recently a girl named Layton was sent to a treatment center in California. They stated that she was bipolar. But she was clearly high on the medication they gave her on the show. Early this month the girl ran away from the center. I received an email telling me that she was hurt badly during her escape.

I also saw lawsuits involving Dr. phil on Courthouse News Service. It is awful.



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