Denmark as a welfare state is no more

I just saw the following press-release. I happen to agree:

Denmark as a welfare state is no more

The latest cuts in the Danish health care system have left Denmark on a path toward the status of a third world country.

Parents or young people thinking about being parents should look closely at their health care journal before they decide to seek treatment for mental illnesses. A number of mental illnesses – among them the widespread cases of depression – have recently being judged as contagious and a heavily financial burden would be sight for families where the social services judged that depression or just symptoms of depression can be seen in such a degree at the children that they will need residential treatment.

The Danish health care system has for some years lacked capacity to heal mental patients in in-patient environments at the hospitals. It has for almost a decade been a question of stabilizing the patients so they pose no suicide risk only to have them released for later out-patient treatment regardless of their work, family or residential situation when they are released. Out-patient treatment can be delayed due to lack of capacity for months even half years, which mean that the patients can risk a rise of symptoms resulting in numerous re-commitments to the mental hospitals, which again contribute to the lack of in-patient capacity.

If a child in Denmark starts suffering from signs of mental illness the social services always start a throughout investigation into the parents background. If they discover any treatment of mental illnesses during these background checks the conclusion often is stated to be an environmental infection of the child. Should the child need in-patient treatment in residential treatment homes financed by the social services, the parents will lose both the direct financial aid for families with children which all Danish families are granted and be invoiced an amount based on the income. Until the recent ruling by the appeal board known as no. 158-12 from 2012 stays in treatment homes for the purpose of treatment could be free of charge, but the ruling has increased the possibility of risking invoices from the social services.

Both for the child who will know that it was the stay which caused siblings losing their chances in life regarding education and career-choices and the parent who with the original diagnose put this burden on the family, the continued expenses do little to aid a cure. Danes pay more than haft their income in taxes. Only people suffering from psychical illnesses can expect treatment for free for their children regardless of the fact that the illness at the child may be based on inherited genes.

As a human rights organization fighting for the rights of children in residential treatment we are concerned about how children will grow up knowing that they by suffering from mental illnesses have exposed their families to ruin and bankruptcy. We urge the Danish politicians to reconsider the present laws, so that people suffering from mental and psychical illnesses are treated equally.

Don’t seek treatment for depression and other mental illnesses where they can find your records!!!


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  1. birthe1951 Says:

    Reblogged this on Danish lies and commented:
    People are not treated for free in Denmark. If your children are suffering from mental illnesses, you as parent are punished. Siblings cannot get the education they want because the parents are forced to pay for the treatment. Free treatment in Denmark is a lie!

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