Had this closure happened before a murder could have been avoided

Many years ago a mother found a fundamentalist boarding school in Florida for her daughter. The daughter had a boyfriend who was all over the girl. Most parents would have offered the daughter a vacation at the extended family just to cool the relationship down and the mother ex-husband was living in another state so it would have been a cheap and efficient solution.

Instead she fell for the marketing the school offered. The daughter told the boyfriend and the mother was killed. The daughter was sent to prison for many years because the public saw her as a kind of white trash despite the fact that she had family who wanted her to stay at their place. The family saw that the boyfriend was the major player in the tragedy. Unfortunately the court was kind of driven by the public opinion. The daughter was released last year.

Now the school has announced that they are closing. According to the management the parents no longer buy into their outdated approach to teenage problems.

I attend a high school here in Denmark where we have Friday bar on the school campus where we can enjoy a beer after school. When I learned of this school I first thought that it was a school from my great grandmother’s time. I was so surprised when I learned that it still was in operation. I do understand why the daughter from the tragedy abroad found jail nicer than this boarding school. However I find the death of the mother unnecessary and sadly caused by the existence of such schools. Such an option for a parent should not be allowed to exist. I am happy that they now close the school.



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